Hi! I’m Rachel

Welcome to my kidchen!

My name is Rachel Goldzal but I’m sure you figured that out by now! You also might have noticed that I am a self-proclaimed foodie extraordinaire. I am 14 years old but ever since I was a cruising in my pampers, I have always LOVED food!

I currently live in Staten Island with my parents, Michelle & Jeremy, and my three adorable younger siblings: Abby, Sammy, and Emma.

I am in the 9th grade in Maayanot Yeshiva High School For Girls and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me!

So—you’re probably thinking what makes me a foodie? Well, I guess you could say I’m pretty much obsessed with food. I love all different types of food! I like shopping for it, preparing it, cooking it and obviously – eating it! Ever since I was a baby, people were amazed at my sophisticated pallet. I was eating juicy rib-eye steaks even before I had any teeth. As a young kid, I loved to spend time with my Mom or Grandmother in the kitchen helping them cook for Shabbat (& still do!). Eventually, my mom realized that I have a knack for it and when she felt I was old enough to work with knives and cooking with fire, she let me cook all on my own.I love when I come home from school without too much homework so I can cook the whole family dinner . We even took my passion for food to the next level and had my awesome Bat Mitzvah celebration in the Kosher Culinary Center in Brooklyn, NY. It was an amazing experience! I was able to share my love for the kitchen with all my friends and family. We all had a blast!

I had my first “professional” culinary experience was when I was 11, at Camp Nesher (best camp EVER!) in Lake Como, PA. They run an amazing 3-day intense culinary program, led by Susie Fishbein along with Naomi Nachman and Naomi Ross. I loved it so much, I participated in all three 3-day sessions. Lucky for me, when I started to get really serious about food my parents pushed and encouraged me to follow my dream. My parents help arranged for me to train under the talented Chef Sam Kadko, who taught me so much and mentored me for competitive cooking.

My favorite channel? Food Network, hands-down. I can literally watch it all day and night. I decided that I was going to apply for the show Chopped. Chopped is a show with 3 rounds, Appetizer, Entree, Dessert, you have about 30 min. In each round to make a dish with 4 random and mandatory ingredients. My mom thought I was nuts; like, who would really ever make it onto the show? Thankfully my Dad said, “Sure—go for it!” I filled out the online application myself and even made a short clip of me cooking in the kitchen with the help of my friend, Dylan. After everything was submitted, I came home every day making my parents crazy, asking if they have heard back about my application. I wanted it so badly! And one day, we actually did! My mom was in shock—in fact, I think she still is! My dad said he knew it all along and that I would make the cut. Around the time of pesach, a had the best time in competing on the show. Episode “Whiz Kid Cooks” I competed against 3 other competitors, 2 other 12 year old and one 10 year old. In the first round I was given ground chicken, Tahini paste, Rapini and lemon sorbet. I made my delicious burgers with hummus and on the side some cabbage and rapini slaw. Jeff Zakarian finished his whole plate! I made it to the second round! In the second round we were given flat iron steaks, sprouting cauliflower, dates and frozen waffle fries. I made garlic and herb crusted steak with potato and cauliflower hash and a sweet and spicy date sauce. I MADE IT INTO THE FINAL ROUND!!! We were given linzer tart cookies, baby kiwis, Kambootchja and mike and ike candies. I made a cookie crumble with kiwi, berry, ginger, kombucha compote with a vanilla and orange whipped topping. I WON! It is definitely one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Now I am continuing to cook 24/7 and following my dreams. Don’t forget to follow me @Rachelinhekidchen on Instagram with more than 1,500 followers